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2017 April

May 17, 2017

St Pete Pride Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Metro Welcome Center – 2227 Central Ave / St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Board Members in Attendance: Chrys Bundy

J. Aller

Stanley Solomons

Susan McGrath

Nathan Bruemmer

Scion Provenzano

Eric Skains (Executive Director)

Board Members Absent: Laura Legarreta

Agenda Item

Discussion and Action



  • Scion called the meeting to order at 7:08pm


  • None

Approval of Minutes

  • J. Aller made a motion to approve. Chrys seconded.

Approved unanimously

Executive Director’s Report

  • Pride Guide – Sold Out – 80 page book – approx. $36k

    • Surpassed last year’s sales.

  • PRIDE Night At the Rays is June 9th – Tickets for sale, Board members are encouraged to sell tickets.

  • Owner of Village Inn, Daniel Lehan, has said he will sponsor the fireworks after the parade

  • Tentative / Pending sponsor of the Friday Night party has been identified.

  • MOU to GCDA submitted for the Grand Central Market – waiting on formal response/approval.

  • Queer Art Block was discussed

  • Waiting on response from GCDA on MOU

Treasurer’s Report

  • Savings $15,897.00

  • Checking $85,558.83

  • Brokerage $16,427.00

  • Operations $69.73

Associate Board Report

  • No report

Committee Reports

  • Executive Committee

  • Pride schedule of events was discussed.

  • Grand Marshall Committee

  • No negative feedback received about GM selections or event.

  • Outreach Committee – No report

  • Finance Committee – No report

Old Business

  • World Pride Bid – Eric to travel to Indianapolis on 4/21 for meetings regarding the bid with the other interested parties.

  • Travel Schedule – Charlotte County Pride – Scion may be able to cover in lieu of Susan

  • Grand Central Market & Queer Art Block (Sunday) - $50 spaces are available, 10’ x 10’. Artists Tents/Tables are an additional fee.

  • Fence & Food Vendor Sales were discussed.

New Business

  • Correspondence – none to report

  • Beer Truck count and Sunday alcohol sales were discussed.

  • Upcoming Events

    • Charlotte County Pride – April 29th

    • Full list of PRIDE related events was handed out

  • Additional GlamStand space (bleacher seating) as well as decorations were discussed.

  • Board members are encouraged to attend as many events as possible. .


  • Meeting Adjourned 8:18pm

  • Next meeting will be May 16th, 2017


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Posted by: J. Aller