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2018 May

Jun 12, 2018

St. Pete Pride Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, May 15th 20th, 2018

Metro Welcome Center – 2227 Central Ave / St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Board Members in Attendance: Chrys Bundy

Laura Legarreta

J. Aller

Stanley Solomons

Scion Crowder

Luke Blankenship (Executive Director)

Nathan Bruemmer

Board Members Absent: Susan McGrath

Agenda Item

Discussion and Action



  • Scion called the meeting to order at 7:00pm


    • Carla Douglass, S.W.I.M – President and co-founder came to present about an upcoming event. They are looking to throw the official “Women’s Party” on June 17th with the proceeds going to Community Action Stops Abuse.

Approval of Minutes

  • Scion made a motion to approve the April minutes. Stanley seconded.

Approved unanimously

Executive Director’s Report

  • Sponsorship Update: AIDS Healthcare Foundation, $35k - will get naming rights to the festival.

  • Water Street Strategic Property Partners – $10k

  • Raymond James - $5k

  • PRIDE Guide – Finalized tomorrow 5/16 (DASH Creative)

  • PARADE, 107 registrations

  • FESTIVAL, 218 registrations

  • FOOD VENDING entries have sold out.

  • Fencing around the east side of Straub (North and South) part is not required this year.

  • Glam Stands have sold out (initial pre-sales, others to open later this week)

  • Additional part-time employee for office work was discussed – Luke is going to be putting a job description together.

  • Luke to investigate if any pending lawsuits for Transgender care exist with our healthcare sponsors. Discussion to follow.

  • Luke to send out job description

Treasurer’s Report

  • Savings $15,900.55

  • Checking $166,257.90

  • Checking (Petty Cash) $1,373.21

  • Brokerage $17,927.91

Associate Board Report

  • No report

Committee Reports

  • Executive Committee – no report

  • Outreach Committee – no report

  • Finance Committee – no report

Old Business

  • Grand Marshall Kickoff Party – Feedback from the board to be taken to the production board. (venue, format, etc)

  • TransPride March was discussed. Mayor Kriseman has agreed to march as has Rep. Crist Tech Data and Metro Wellness are co-sponsoring the trans march. The logistics of the parade were discussed – will circle back on this later in the week.

  • Circle back on parade logistics

  • Review of feedback from Grand Marshall party to be discussed

New Business

  • SWIM – Potential official “Women’s Party” of PRIDE was discussed. The board agreed to the designation as long as SWIM agreed to donate our $500 logo fee to CASA in addition to their donation.

  • Extension of Street Festival was discussed, including the points that we raised during last month’s meeting. The board agreed unanimously, based on the discussion, that we will not be extending the festival to 31st

  • One Magical Weekend- Jay and Richard will be representing.

  • Polk County Pride – Stanley

  • Market Days – Aug 11th – 12th TBD

  • Euro Pride - Aug 2nd TBD

  • LGBT Expo (NYC) – Late Sept (Stanley)

  • Official Trans event “Transtastic” was discussed. The time was also discussed – 5:30 – 9pm

  • Partnership with TIGLFF was discussed (fall 2018)


  • Meeting Adjourned 8:07pm

  • Next meeting will be June 12th, 2018

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Posted by: J. Aller