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2017 May

Jun 13, 2017

St Pete Pride Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Metro Welcome Center – 2227 Central Ave / St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Board Members in Attendance: Chrys Bundy

Laura Legarreta

Nathan Bruemmer

Scion Provenzano

Eric Skains (Executive Director)

Luke Blankenship (Associate Board)

Board Members Absent: J. Aller

Stanley Solomons

Susan McGrath

Agenda Item

Discussion and Action



  • Scion called the meeting to order at 7:04pm


  • None

Approval of Minutes

  • Scion made a motion to approve. Nathan seconded.

Approved unanimously

Executive Director’s Report

  • Outstanding Sponsorship approximately $70,000

  • Visitor’s Bureau (VSPC) grant application due Friday (5/19). Eric to sit for review board on June 21st Submitting for approx.. 10% of operating budget (~$50k) This would go towards 2018 Budget

  • TransMarch was discussed. Various additional costs and sponsorships for this contingent was discussed. Tentative start time will be 6pm, reverse route of main parade. Potential verbiage for press announcement was discussed – buzz words like “embrace” “celebrate” etc. will be used.

  • Orlando Anniversary – J. has been in contact with Orlando Pride – will follow up.

  • In Memoriam” float was discussed. Potential of community contribution was discussed.

  • Grand Marshall float was discussed. Issues have arisen with convertibles for the parade.

  • Awaiting cost estimate from the city regarding additional 30 minutes of parade time for Trans contingent at the start.

  • Awaiting response from Orlando Pride re: Orlando entry into parade.

  • Eric to reach out to Festive Floats to inquire about float for “In Memoriam”

Treasurer’s Report

  • Savings $15,897.36

  • Checking $131,152.74

  • Brokerage $16,775.00

  • Operations $324.07

Associate Board Report

  • Vendor’s quotes are in. Still finalizing numbers.

  • Volunteer portal is live.

  • Mapping of staging, exhibitors, etc. is underway

  • PSTA is providing a free park-and-ride from St. Pete High. Central Ave. Trolley and PSTA will be running until 2am.


Committee Reports

  • Executive Committee

  • Pride schedule of events was discussed.

  • LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth Project was discussed.

Old Business

  • World Pride Bid – Charter states that consecutive years should not be on the same continent. That would put St. Pete Pride at a disadvantage. Chrys moved that we discontinue the bid process. Laura seconded. Motion passed unanimously.

New Business


  • Meeting Adjourned 8:34pm

  • Next meeting will be June 13th, 2017


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Posted by: J. Aller