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2017 November

Jan 17, 2018

St Pete Pride Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Minutes

November 21, 2017

LGBT Welcome Center

2227 Central Avenue – St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Board Members in Attendance: Jay Aller

Laura Legarreta

Susan McGrath

Stanley Solomons

Nathan Brammer (By telephone)

Luke Blankenship (Interim Executive Director)

Board Members Absent: Scion Crowder

Chrys Bundy

Guests Richard Brandt

Agenda Item

Discussion and Action



  • Call to order: 7:08 pm

  • Introduction of Richard Brandt a board candidate. Leader of LGBT organization with From Franklin Templenton, Interested in being part of the board after being at the vote to move downtown. Excited about the move. Likes the move because of future growth for parade and better visibility, safer and shows off the city. Part of steering committee for EQFL St. Pete Gala.

Approval of Minutes

  • Motion: Susan

  • Second: Nate

Executive Director’s Report

  • Sponsorships: HCA wants back in. 10,000K level. KITTA HVAC possible sponsorship. VSPC. Hard Rock 10,000K first time (Title sponsor of gasparilla))

  • Don Cesar kick off party. Space for free but must meet 6K in Bev sales. Parking is $15 for valet $10 for regular.

  • IRS letter, hoping it will be waived. There is a transfer. A rebuttal was sent explaining the situation.

  • Red & Green 15,700$ 23 tickets left. Milan catering. 41 auction items.

Luke: Follow up with Zamora to find out drink total, find out drink prices at Don,

Treasurer’s Report

  • Total: $152871.81 before city bill clears (about 80k)

  • Savings 15899.78

  • Operating Account $1373.21

  • Checking $135,598.82

  • RJ $17,711.57 in 2 years its made $2,711.57

  • Community Grants: Beer Trucks Volunteers & Larry Biddle’s thing

Associate Board Report

  • Executive search: Timeline - attach later

Committee Reports

Old Business:

  • Larry Biddle, Family Resources $2,500 Donation

  • Groundbreaking: Dec ?

Nathan - Find out when groundbreaking is and schedule conference call to up the donation or approve the amount stated. Press Release coincide with ground breaking.


  • Red & Green Setup at 5pm at Sunken Gardens

  • AIDS Walk - Booth setup Dec 9

  • Taste of pride - paid initial fee for coliseum. Total will be $3000. Saturday March 2nd.

  • Adjourned at: 7:50


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Posted by: J. Aller