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2018 International Transgender Day of Visibility

Mar 31, 2018


Contact: Luke Blankenship

Interim Executive Director

St. Pete Pride


Phone: 727-342-0084

On Trans Day of Visibility, St Pete Pride announces plans for a bigger and better

TransPride March for June 2018

St. Petersburg, FL, March 31, 2018 – Each year on March 31st Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is celebrated around the world to honor the courage and accomplishments of the diverse transgender and gender-expansive community.  On March 8th, Mayor Rick Kriseman proclaimed March 31st as Transgender Day of Visibility in St. Petersburg, “and asks all citizens treat each other with dignity and respect, without exception.”

For SueZie Hawkes, a trans woman living openly in Tampa Bay with her wife Cheryl, Transgender Day of Visibility “is a great opportunity for those who are in process transitioning, or thinking about transition, to see that there are others in the community just like themselves. We show that we are leading a fulfilling, happy and productive life … contributing just like everyone else to the society we live within.

TDOV not only gives us a moment to celebrate, but is also reminds us of the need to continue to raise awareness around the discrimination and violence trans people still face. Because of our commitment to this, St Pete Pride will again open this year’s parade with the TransPride March,” said Nathan Bruemmer, St. Pete Pride board member and organizer of the inaugural march in 2017. “We invite the entire community to be a part of Florida’s largest Pride Parade. And we have some exciting additional plans in the works to be announced soon.”

During the TransPride March we will come together as a community – transgender and gender-expansive people, family, and allies - and together we will inspire our local community to become a space where the trans community is safe, loved, and empowered,” said Bruemmer. The inaugural march in 2017 included over 500 participants; and this year’s organizers are planning for over 1,000. Registration is open online at

Details about the Trans Pride March can be found here:

Rick Kriseman announces March 31st as Transgender Day of Visibility:

The dates of 2018 Pride weekend are June 22nd – 24th. For more information about the organization, visit



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Posted by: J. Aller