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2018 September

Oct 16, 2018

St Pete Pride Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Clear Labs – 2529 Central Avenue – St. Petersburg

Board Members in Attendance: Chrys Bundy

Laura Legarreta

J. Aller

Stanley Solomons

Richard Brandt

Susan McGrath

Nathan Bruemmer

Scion Crowder

Luke Blankenship (Interim Director)

Board Members Absent:

Agenda Item

Discussion and Action



  • Scion called the meeting to order at 7:03pm


Approval of Minutes

  • The board requested that June minutes be sent out again.

  • Minutes were reviewed and passed unanimously.

Executive Director’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

  • Savings 17,237.73

  • Checking 118,436.11

  • Brokerage Approx $18k

Associate Board Report

  • No report

Committee Reports

  • n/a

Old Business

New Business

  • Scion made a motion to put an additional $10,000 into the Raymond James brokerage account. Chrys seconded. Passed unanimously.

  • Committee Forming

    • 1. Governance Committee - Scion motioned to create a Governance Committee. Chrys and Stanley agreed to join the committee.

    • 2. LGBTQ+ Scholarship/Grant Program – Richie suggested a committee to further discuss a Community Grants Program. Ritchie will chair, joined by Luke and Jay.

    • 3. Concert / Entertainment Committee – Chrys suggested that we redouble our efforts on rebranding and relaunching the Friday/Saturday entertainment lineup. Chrys suggested that Richie chair. He accepted. Chrys and Laura will join him on this committee.

    • 4. Trans Committee – Nate (absent this evening) requested that we start a committee that focuses specifically on the trans community, organizing the trans march and strategically promoting St. Pete Pride to the trans community.

    • 5. Financial Committee – Stanley and Scion will be continuing the financial committee, joined by Richie.

    • 6. Events Committee

  • Educational Opportunities

    • Workshops

    • Corporate Education / Diversity Programs were discussed.

    • Luke suggested that we keep potential events where we can promote LGBTQ+ education top of mind.

  • Advocacy Opportunities

    • Grant Program & Supporting Other events through marketing was discussed.

  • Various Events throughout the year – suggestions for improvement

    • Red & Green:

      • Suggestions: Toy drive for LGBT Homeless Youth Project, Discuss the upcoming scholarship program, reusable “tervis” type cups if you bring a toy or can purchase one with the proceeds going to a charity

    • Taste of Pride:

      • Venue was a big hit as was the trophy. Additional entertainment, such as a band on stage. Second floor VIP with open bar.

    • Grand Marshall Reception

      • New venue is appropriate – Enigma. Luke will be looking at venues To be tabled.

    • Stonewall Reception

      • Suggested to move into the MFA main hall. Tie in a fashion show – Out of the Closet fashion show (AHV as sponsor) -

    • Kick-Off Party

      • Suggested to move venues due to crowd size. Suggestions – Tradewinds, PCI, Bongo’s, Mango’s, Jimmy B’s.

    • Transtastic

      • Stay at Flying Boat

    • Parade

      • Start time was good, be mindful of anyone posing as an inspector – question credentials.

      • Move the Empath truck and beer truck by the DJ booth to elsewhere in the area.

      • Lease a U-Haul trailer or

      • Full communication with SPPD about crossing at the Glamstands.

    • Festival

      • Add stage / music during the day

      • Additional discussion tabled at this time.

  • Upcoming Events

    • Best of the Bay, 9/26th (Chrys, Richie, Luke, Stanley)

    • Come Out St. Pete, 10/6 (Luke to look into a dunk tank – proceeds going to the scholarship fund)

    • Pasco Pride, 10/6 (Production Team)

    • InterPride, 10/3 – 6 (Luke - Saskatoon)

    • Orlando Pride, 10/13 (Jay and Chrys)

    • Sarasota Pride, 10/20 (Production Team, Nate, or Richie)

    • Gainesville Pride, 10/20 (Luke, Production Team)

  • Pride Weekend 2019 - June 21-23th – moving a week earlier was discussed. Luke to research. Decision point in the coming week. (Passed unanimously later in the week.

  • World Pride June 28-30th


  • Meeting Adjourned 9:18pm

  • Next meeting will be October 16, 2018


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Posted by: J. Aller