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2018 March

Apr 17, 2018

St Pete Pride Board of Directors Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Metro Welcome Center – 2227 Central Ave / St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Board Members in Attendance: Chrys Bundy

Laura Legarreta

J. Aller

Stanley Solomons

Susan McGrath

Nathan Bruemmer

Scion Crowder

Richard Brandt

Luke Blankenship (Interim Director)

Board Members Absent: None

Agenda Item

Discussion and Action



  • Scion called the meeting to order at 7:01pm


  • Karen from SWIM Board members are requested to send in their final recommendations to Luke by the end of the week.

Approval of Minutes

  • Scion made a motion to approve. Stanley seconded. Approved unanimously.

Executive Director’s Report

  • Sponsorship Updates: Bert’s Barracuda and HCA have signed on for $10k each.

  • Sprint has downgraded to $2500

  • EPIC / Empath has increased their sponsorship by $5k

  • Currently trending above projection for sponsorships for the year

  • Chase for $1,500 additional

Treasurer’s Report

  • Savings $15,900.29

  • Checking $68,288.42

  • Business Select Checking $1,373.21

  • Brokerage – No update available

Associate Board Report

  • No report

Committee Reports

  • Grand Marshall Committee - Announcement Party at Enigma – Thursday, April 26th.

  • Individual Nominees:

    • Robert Pope

    • Lillian Dunlap

    • Gina Duncan

    • Jesse Miller

    • Matt Lassen

    • Gary Howell

  • Business Nominees:

    • Out of the Closet

    • King of Peace MCC Church

    • TSR Adventures

  • Community Hero: Frank Bovenzi

  • Honorary Grand Marshall: Leaders of Tomorrow (title to be worked on)

  • TransMarch Committee: Nate was able to share the TransPride information with the Florida Transgender Leadership Summit. Still looking for additional sponsors for the TransPride march. The board discussed day of logistics for the march.

  • Hiring Committee – Scion had distributed a document that would outline the process by which new employees of any kind of St. Pete Pride would be onboarded. Scion requests feedback via ‘track changes’ in word. Committee will be making an initial recommendation of final candidates in the coming weeks.

Old Business

  • Taste of Pride – Luke gave a review of attendee feedback, mostly positive. The board had discussion on ways to improve the event and things to change moving forward.

New Business

  • The discussion of a liaison from the Board to attend the associate board meetings was discussed.

  • Upcoming Events: Tampa Pride 3/24 (Nate & an Associate Board Member)

  • Miami (April 7th – 8th) – Luke & Stanley

  • Tallahassee (April 21st) – Luke & Richard

  • Gay Days & One Magical Weekend (May 31st – June 3rd) – To be determined

  • PRIDE Idol – Discussion about a potential Karaoke contest between the bands changing during the Friday night concert.


  • Meeting Adjourned 8:31pm

  • Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 17th 2018


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Posted by: J. Aller