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St. Pete Pride Grand Marshal Nomination Selection Process

Feb 16, 2016 Who should be nominated?
Nominees should be selected based on their outstanding contributions to the Tampa Bay LGBTQ Community. Areas of contribution to be considered are social, political, health, child welfare, education and business. Types of contributions to be considered are volunteering, generosity, leadership roles and civic pride. Grand Marshals should be seen as role models to the community as a whole, not just be popular to one segment of the community. This should be shown in the contributions they have made to the community.

What are the Grand Marshal Categories?

What are the qualifications of each category?
Individual Grand Marshal Nominees need to have their main residence within the seven counties of Tampa Bay and self-identifies as a LGBT or ally who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the Tampa Bay LGBT Community for more than four (4) years. No pairs or groups allowed as nominees. Organization Grand Marshal Nominees need to be headquartered within the seven counties of Tampa Bay and provided equal access of services to members within the LGBTQ Community. This organization must have been active for a minimum of four (4) years with a current board of directors or membership. Only those organizations who are non-profit or not-for-profit are eligible.

Why is contact info for the nominee required?
Although everyone loves surprises, this unfortunately cannot be one. All individuals and groups must be notified of their nomination in advance by the person(s) nominating them and then given the right to deny or accept the nomination.

Can I nominate someone who has previously been a Grand Marshal?
Yes! However, the person or organization cannot be recognized for the same contributions as before. Therefore, if they contributed in a different capacity and continued to go above and beyond in the advancement of LGBTQ rights since being a Grand Marshal, then their nomination will be accepted.

What happens once I nominate someone?
Nominations will be reviewed the St Pete Pride Grand Marshal Committee consisting of past Grand Marshals and Pride Board Members for eligibility.

What’s required of the nominee?
Once selected as a candidate for a Grand Marshal Category, each candidate is strongly encouraged to attend the St Pete Pride Kick Off event in April. Candidates are also responsible for urging their friends, family and the LGBTQ community to vote.

How is voting handled?
Voting is only conducted on the St. Pete Pride website. One vote entry per person and that person is responsible for entering their vote online. Votes may not be collected on paper and hand entered at a later date. Individuals may campaign together but understand that both may not be selected together. The St. Pete Pride Grand Marshal Committee has the right to question nominees about campaigning practices and may disqualify any nominee for misconduct.

What is required of the selected Grand Marshal?
Once selected as an official Grand Marshal, each Grand Marshal will need to attend a majority of official St Pete Pride events during St Pete Pride Weekend; promote St Pete Pride and its official events; and be available on the day of the St Pete Pride Weekend in June. Grand Marshals may be asked to represent St Pete Pride in an official capacity to media at various times.

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Posted by: J. Aller