Street Warriors

Street Warriors is a grass roots group who want to help the invisible people in the community become visible again. We serve food and hope to those who live on the street. Over the years, we have added others groups into this ministry, some of which are highlighted here. The ‘Sweet’ Warriors bake homemade desserts for the lunches. We have also partnered with Noah’s Landing, a community for adult developmentally disabled people to help prepare and package the lunches. Wells Fargo has provided us with over 600 pairs of socks as well as personal products so we can distribute hygiene kits. Volunteers in Service to the Elderly (VISTE) provides food products from a surplus in their warehouse, allowing us to lower the cost of the meals. Christ’s Promise UCC church allows us to use their church building for fundraisers. This group has a heart for all those who are marginalized and invisible. We reach out to LGBTQ groups, who give us the opportunity to work with youth to teach them how to give back. They have learned how many of their brothers and sisters have found themselves without a place to go or a roof over their head. They have learned how many others have been rejected by their families.

Street Warriors was founded by Steven and Robert Blansfield, who met at a church in Lakeland, Florida. They were married in a chapel service in their backyard in 2015. Steven was diagnosed with bipolar disorder as a young adult. He spent many years trying to find himself, during which he went through a long process of self-medication. At one point he became so desperate he tried to take his own life. The long and painful road to healing lead him down many paths, including homelessness. He came to a place where he could make peace with his issues. He is now in a stable and loving relationship that has grounded him and deepened his faith. He knew he needed to share his story and give back to others who were in the same situation and had not fared as well. He had a story of hope he felt compelled to share. They joined a group at their church who fed the homeless. This group was eventually called Street Warriors of Central Florida, Inc. a 501c3 organization.