Theo Thalassites

Theo comes from a large Greek/Filipino family brought up with strong values and a community minded spirit.  He has devoted much of his adult life on advocating for individuals where their voice is left unheard due discrimination or lack of awareness on social issues – specifically with the LGBTQ community.  He understands the issues, questions and fears that arise with the LGBTQ community as he faced them for many years during his transition. He credits his loving family and very close friends who continue to support him to live his authentic life.

Theo’s list of advocacy work with the LGBTQ community started with the conception of a local advocacy group called Stand Indivisible, which later merged with Indivisible FL – 13 in November of 2016. Part of Theo’s goal with Stand Indivisible was to promote awareness for the transgender community.  One of the larger projects adopted with the Stand Indivisible team for the 2018 and 2019 year, was fighting to reverse the transgender military ban. Many groups statewide (including Stand Indivisible) led a fight on the steps of Capital Hill fighting for our transgender service members.

Most currently, Theo has been able to start an Employee Resource Group (ERG) with his company called “LGBTQ for Youth-Education and Awareness”.  This initiative allows for educational material to be furnished to employees who need support or resources to connect with their LBGTQ child. This ERG has over 3000 member and continues to grow on a global scale.  Our mission statement slogan is one each member tries to live by each day, “Learn before you speak. Understand before you judge. Love and never hate.” Additionally, Theo is working on partnering with Pinellas County schools this summer on anti-bullying campaigns regarding LGBTQ youth.  

Theo currently splits his time between St. Petersburg, FL and Boston, MA. He has also volunteered with King of Peace, First Unity of St. Petersburg, Hospice and local Veteran’s associations in his community. Theo also enjoys spending time with his mom, girlfriend, five sisters, their husbands and his nephews and nieces. He is known as the “Cool Uncle” a phrase he most thoroughly enjoys.