November 2014


November Board of Directors Meeting 
Location: Metro Community Center 

Board Members: 
Present: Scion Provenzano, RJ Robinson, Stanley Solomons, Laura Legarreta, Aaron Horcha, Susan McGrath, Joseph Cromwell, Donald Painter, Jay Aller, and Mark O’Hara. 
Absent: None 
Quorum present: Yes 

Others present: 
Executive Director: Eric Skains 
Other: Mimi Chavin, Susan Daniels, Cheyenne Morin 


  • Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Scion Provenzano 
  • October meeting minutes were approved. 
  • Treasurer’s report provided by Treasurer, Stanley Solomons 
    • Solomons presented and reviewed highlights of from the 2013/2014 balance sheet and profit/loss statement. 
    • Motion to accept the financials; seconded and passed 10-0. 
  • Executive Director’s report provided by Eric Skains 
    • The sponsorship income goal for 2015 has been met. 
    • The Pride Guide will be done in house following a strict format to ensure all ads will pay for the book; no sponsorship dollars – unless increased – will go towards the book. 
    • The production team is considering new items/activities for the Street Festival that include a zip line, a beer garden, rock climbing walls and misting stations. 
    • The number of eligible booths will increase from 326 in 2014 to 365 in 2015. A new block will be added to include space for Artist Exhibitors, which is included in the 365 booth space total. 
  • Special Events Committee report 
    • The Red & Green Party tickets are on sale. Orange Blossom Caterers to be used. 
  • Old Business 
  • Eric Skains offered a change to the color of the new logo from light green to teal. When placing orders for new items, the light green was difficult to find and would have cost substantially more than the similar color of teal. 
  • New color of teal was accepted. 
  • New Business 
  • Eric Skains recommended an exploration of hosting a World Pride event in Tampa Bay for 2022. This exploration will be to see which other events currently held for the LGBTQ community in Tampa Bay would consider hosting their events in conjunction with World Pride. Based upon those results, a World Pride 2022 committee can be created. Donald recommended to have Memorandum of Understanding signed by all participating organizations. 
  • The board would like a cost of Director’s insurance. 
  • There are two vacancies on the Executive Committee: Vice President and Secretary. Laura Legarreta accepted a nomination for Vice President, and Mark O’Hara accepted a nomination for Secretary. 
    • Motion to accept Laura as Vice President and Mark as Secretary; seconded and passed 10-0. 
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m. 
  • Minutes submitted by Interim Secretary Stanley Solomons. 

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