October 2014


October Board of Directors Meeting 
Location: Metro Community Center 

Board Members: 
Present: Scion Provenzano, RJ Robinson, Stanley Solomons, Laura Legarreta, and Aaron Horcha 
Absent: None 
Quorum present: Yes

Others present: 
Executive Director: Eric Skains 
Other: Susan McGrath, Joseph Cromwell, Greg Henchar, Donald Painter, Jay Aller, Joel Schmitz, Joan Mancuso, Michael Clouse, Mark O’Hara, Cheyenne Morin, and Mike Trobiano 


  • Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m. by President, Scion Provenzano 
  • September meeting minutes were approved. 
  • Treasurer’s report provided by Treasurer, Stanley Solomons 
    • Solomons presented and reviewed highlights of from the 2013/2014 balance sheet and profit/loss statement. 
    • Eric Skains listed all outstanding income from 2013/14. 
      • $10,000 – Sponsor payment 
    • Eric Skains mentioned an unexpected payment to Watermark Magazine for the 2014 Pride Guide, totaling $3,495. This payment was for additional ads purchased in the Pride Guide. This item was unexpected as the agreement with Watermark included enough space to cover these ads. Negotiations with Watermark were unsuccessful and full payment was made to settle the debt. 
    • Motion to accept the financials; seconded and passed 5-0. 
  • Special Events Committee report 
    • The Red & Green Party planning is in full swing. There is a search for local restaurants to donate food for the event. Silent Auction items are being collected. Stanley Solomons has taken the lead for the silent auction. 
  • Old Business 
  • New St Pete Pride logo presentation by Dash Creative Group’s Mike Trobiano. 
    • After board feedback from previous meetings, the new logo represents St Petersburg through hexagon shapes representing pavers used on sidewalks in St Petersburg since 1914. A light green color was used to represent the landscape of Tampa Bay. All lower caps used to represent equality. The two hexagon shapes come together as a Venn diagram representing bringing our communities together. 
    • Motion to accept the new logo; seconded and passed 5-0. Implementation to officially begin in January, 2015. 
  • Meeting moved to interview prospective board members. Interviews conducted and new board members selected: Susan McGrath, Donald Painter, Mark O’Hara, Jay Aller, and Joseph Cromwell. 
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m. 
  • Minutes submitted by Interim Secretary Stanley Solomons. 

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