August 2015

St Pete Pride – Minutes – Regular Board Meeting – August 18, 2015

Attending:  Scion Provenzano (conference call), Rick “R.J.” Robinson, Jay Aller, Susan McGrath, Laura Legarreta, Donald Painter, Jr., Stanley Solomons, Eric Skains,

Minutes:  Motion to approve (Donald).

Treasurer:  Total Bank Balance $88,184.52.  Checking account: $56,938.71.  Savings: $30,884.35.  Operating Account:  $351.46.  CVB sponsorship money still pending $50,000.  City bill still outstanding.

Discussions re: contact with Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber (Robin Soley).

Brief review of Sponsorship Summary

Upcoming Planning Meeting on Friday to be determined.  Possible community forum for input regarding theme selection prior to planning meeting.

Laura suggested a Pride float at the end of the parade to announce next years theme and to help pick up the volunteers along the route.

Investigate use of fireworks during festival.

Red and Green caterer – possible interest by Chenards.

Interpride October 14 – 18 in Las Vegas.  Attending:  Eric, Scion, Luke, Robert.

Discussions regarding attendance at various Florida October prides.

Budget:  Provide input to Eric re inclusions.  Interest in hiring a part time Development Director to work on organization, fundraising with small businesses and various other projects.

Board adjourned.

Stanley Solomons, Treasurer

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