February 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday 17 February 2015
Metro Community Center
3251 3rd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL  33713

Board Members:
Quorum present: Yes
Others present:

Executive Director: Eric Skains

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Scion Provenzano
  2. January meeting minutes were presented by Treasurer, Stanley Solomons, in the absence of Mark O’Hara.
  • One amendment was made to Old Business; “when time permits” will be changed to “by March Meeting.”
  • Motion made by Donald Painter and seconded by Susan McGrath to approve the minutes with the amendment.
  1.      The Production Team announced that Creative Loafing will be the official print media partner.  They will print a pride guide in June that will also have a wider distribution range then that of our former print publication.  The board was also informed and briefly discussed the inclusion of Gulfport into Pride events (Taste of Pride, 5K, future concert home).
  1. Committee Reports
    • Treasurer Stanley Solomons, on behalf of the executive board, distributed and discussed the February account overview, current financial year spending/forecast and review of the previous fiscal year documentation.  The board was also informed that the number of restaurants participating in Taste of Pride is growing and doing well for being a month out.  Reminder, Taste of Pride is on Saturday 21 March 2015 at the Dali Museum.
  1. Old Business
    • World Pride – Memorandum of Understanding is in the draft stage.
    • Social Media Policy – Scion will be sending out via email for all board members to review.  Official vote at the March Board of Directors Meeting.
    • Outreach and Funds Committee – Mark O’Hara and Donald Painter said that they would review the descriptions of both committees and how they will fit into the structure of St. Pete Pride.
  1. New Business
    • $11,000 owed to Executive Director Eric Skains.  A deferred payment agreement has been drawn up by an attorney where St. Pete Pride pays the outstanding income taxes on the total amount owed.  The difference would go to Eric with a substantial amount donated back to St. Pete Pride.  The executive committee will make a final review of the agreement in preparation for the March meeting.
    • The Executive Director and the Board are taking ideas for a Production Team appreciation social in the mid to late spring,  Some of the ideas that have come up already are a cocktail hour and shuffleboard.
  1. Open Topics
    • Email correspondence was received from Brian Longstreth voicing his personal concerns and issues with the new logo of St. Pete Pride.  Many of his issues have already been addressed by the organization.  There were also substantial unofficial correspondence that took place on Facebook regarding the logo
    • Save the date for Taste of Pride (21 March) and Equality Florida gathering at Aria St. Pete (27 February).

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