January 2015

January Board of Directors Meeting 
Location: Metro Community Center 

Board Members: 
Present: Jay Aller, Joseph Cromwell, Aaron Horcha, Laura Legarreta, Susan McGrath, Donald Painter, Stanley Solomons 
Absent: Scion Provenzano (notified), Mark O’Hara, RJ Robinson 
Quorum present: Yes 

Others present: 
Executive Director: Eric Skains 
Other: Kim Kraut, Brian Longstreth, Jason McNeil, Sue Sarkesian, David Schauer 


  • Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice President, Laura Legarreta 
  • November meeting minutes were approved. 
  • Treasurer’s report provided by Treasurer, Stanley Solomons 
    • Solomons presented and reviewed highlights of from the FYTD 2014/2015 balance sheet and profit/loss statement. 
    • Motion to accept the financials; seconded and passed 7-0. 
  • Executive Director’s report provided by Eric Skains 
    • The sponsorship income is 45% over budgeted goal. 
    • Discussions are in place on a 5K during Pride Weekend; however, there are concerns with pricing. 
  • Special Events Committee report 
    • Taste of Pride is on March 21. Request to board members to enlist one restaurant each. 
  • Old Business 
  • Information on Board Insurance is still to be investigated. 
  • Social media policy to be tabled until a future meeting. 
  • New Business 
  • Aaron expressed an interest in funds collected by the Ducks softball team for Gay Games, part of last FY books. Info to be researched when time permits as books are closed and financial information sent to CPA. 
  • Eric Skains recommended moving forward with a World Pride Bid as a joint venture with other organizations. Separate committee of those organizations is still pending development and produce bid. Donald suggested all parties involved sign a MOU. In addition, a separate organization to be developed to handle expresses related to the bid and the event. The Tampa Bay transportation issue may be resolved by that time. 
  • Eric recommended the creation of an Outreach Committee and distributed an old description of a previously discussed committee. In addition, the creation of a Fund Development Committee, which is to be tabled. 
  • Eric recommended sponsoring the Ducks once again into the Suncoast Softball League for $300. 
    • o Motion made. Passed 7-0. 
  • Guests spoke regarding communication of the new logo. The board agreed to release a statement around February 1 regarding the rainbow logo. 
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m. 
  • Minutes submitted by Treasurer Stanley Solomons in absence of Secretary. 

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