March 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday 17 March 2015
Metro Community Center
3251 3rd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL  33713

Board Members:
Present: J. Aller, L. Legrreta, M. O’Hara, D. Painter, S. Provenzano, R. Robinson
Absent: J. Cromwell, A. Horcha, S. McGrath, S. Solomons
Quorum present: Yes
Others present:
Executive Director: Eric Skains
Guests – Lisa, Paul and Rick from Interfaith Pride

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Scion Provenzano
    • Guests listed above from Interfaith Pride presented information about a worship service scheduled for the morning of Saturday 27 June 2015 at Trinity Lutheran Church.  Looking for a liaison to attend four planning meetings.  (See shared calendar for more information)
  1. February meeting minutes were presented by Secretary, Mark O’Hara.
  • Names of those in attendance will be added to the minutes.
  • Motion made by S. Provenzano and seconded by L. Legrreta to approve the minutes.  Motion carries
  1.    Executive Director Eric Skains, on behalf of Treasurer Stanley Solomons, verbally reported the following figures:

Checking $13,038.50, Savings $22,379.68, Outstanding: $1,000.00

  1. Executive Director
    • Taste of Pride – We are sold out (500 tickets)!  14 restaurants participating.  All bills are paid!
    • World Pride – Similar to when St. Pete hosted InterPride, a separate board will be created to establish contracts with local government and organizations.  Larry Bittle of Metro Center has offered his assistance in this matter.  Mark O’Hara will go through old documents related to InterPride for assistance.
  1. Committee Reports
    • Central Ave. Banners – quotes with the city vendor were distributed.  Board members shared and discussed various fundraising options.  Envelopes will be distributed at Taste of Pride asking for a $40 donation (approx. cost of one banner).  A firm number (150 or 300) will be established after Taste of Pride.
  1. Old Business
    • Social Media Policy – Draft of policy was distributed.  Various edits were suggested.  Draft will be updated to reflect edits and redistributed via email.  Vote at April meeting.
    • Outreach and Funds Committee – Tabled
    • Production Team Recognition – Board agrees to use City of St. Petersburg suite at Tropicana Field to recognize the members of the Production Team.  A date will be announced once the City of St. Petersburg informs St. Pete Pride of availability.
    • Visitor Participation Policy – Line 7 and 8 will be removed.  D. Painter will resend.
  1.  New Business
    • No correspondence to note of.
    • See agenda and shared calendar for upcoming list of events.  To get the shared calendar on your mobile device or computer, contact Mark O’Hara.
  1.  Other Business
    • None

9. Adjournment

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