May 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday 19 May 2015
Metro Community Center
3251 3rd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713 

Board Members:

Present: J. Aller,, L. Legrreta,, M. O’Hara, D. Painter, S. Provenzano, R. Robinson. Absent: A. Horcha, S. McGrath, S. Solomons.
Quorum present: Yes

Others present:
Executive Director: Eric Skains Guests – None

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Scion Provenzano.
  2. March meeting minutes were presented by Secretary, Mark O’Hara.•
  3. Treasurer report presented in absence of S. Solomons. Projected overall budget could take up to a

$15,000 hit because some larger payments do to arrive until after St. Pete Pride’s fiscal year closes.

4.Executive Director
• World Pride – upcoming meeting with a non-profit attorney.
• Central Ave. Banners – 150 banners with the diagonal design ordered at a discount.

5.Committee Reports
• City of St. Petersburg cost – cost will increase annually due to contract between the city and the police

union. A long term agreement similar to that arranged with the Grand Prix is being established for St. Pete Pride.

6.Old Business

  • Motion to vote on Social Media Policy made by S. Provenzano, seconded by L. Legrreta. Motionpasses unanimously.
  • Motion to vote on Outreach and Funds Development Committee creation made by S. Provenzano,seconded by R. Robinson. Motion passes unanimously.
  • Motion to vote on Visitor Participation Policy made by S. Provenzano, seconded by J. Aller. Motionpasses unanimously.7. New Business

• See agenda and shared calendar for upcoming list of events. To get the shared calendar on your

mobile device or computer, contact Mark O’Hara.

8. Other Business • None

9. Adjournment

Motion made by D. Painter and seconded by S. Provenzano to approve the minutes. Motion carries.

Next Meeting is on Tuesday 16 June 2015 at 7pm 

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