November 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday 17 November 2015
Metro Community Center
3251 3rd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Board Members:
     Present: J. Aller, L. Legretta, S. McGrath, M. O’Hara, D. Painter, S. Provenzano, R. Robinson, and S. Solomons
     Absent: S. Provenzano (excused)
     Quorum present: Yes
Others present:
     Executive Director: Eric Skains
     Director of Development: Courtney Bishop
     Guests: Mitch Faber, Brian Longstreth

1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice President, Laura Legretta.
2. October meeting minutes were presented by Secretary, Mark O’Hara. Motion made by Laura Legreta and seconded by Stanley Solomons to approve the minutes.
3. Profit and Lost statements from 1 October – 17 November 2015 as well as the 2014-2015 fiscal report were presented. Board moves to accept the 2014-15 fiscal statement as is. Motion made by Susan McGrath and seconded by Laura Legretta.
     3.1. Funds due to the City of St. Petersburg have been paid and funds due from Visit St. Pete/Clearwater have been received.
4. Executive Director
     4.1. Red and Green
          4.1.1. Ticket sales are solid and we are on track to sell out, again. All necessities of the party are planned and accounted for (food, drink/bar, entertainment).
          4.1.2. Board members are asked to donate a bottle of their favorite liquor or spirit to be put together with shot glasses for a silent auction item. Mitch Faber, owner of Old Key West, has expressed interest in donating for the party.
          4.1.3. Board members are asked to report to Sunken Gardens by 6pm.
     4.2. Working on an agreement with Creative Pinellas for LGBT arts.
     4.3. Taste of Pride will be 19 March 2016.
5. Committee Reports
     5.1. Executive Committee
          5.1.1. We would like to welcome Courtney Bishop to St. Pete Pride!
     5.2. Outreach Committee
          5.2.1. Mark O’Hara and Donald Painter will begin working on validation of the Pride in Tampa Bay timeline in preparation for the World Pride 2022 Bid.
          5.2.2. Attempts have been made to coordinate with Tampa Pride 2016 to no avail. They have moved their board meetings to the same time as St. Pete Pride’s monthly meetings.
          5.2.3. Mark O’Hara will begin to attend Grand Central Board Meetings come the first of the year.
     5.3. Finance Committee
          5.3.1. $15,000 has been allocated by the board, via an online vote, to be invested as previously agreed upon with Raymond James financial.
6. Old Business
     6.1. World Pride 2022 – the bid process continues.
7. New Business
     7.1. Correspondence
          7.1.1. A letter has been received from the Grand Central District expressing a desire for St. Pete Pride to no relocate any of the Pride Weekend events from the Grand Central. Our guests expressed the same interest. A request for a representative from the board to attend the Grand Central Board Meetings was made. (See 5.2.3).
          7.1.2. Jay Aller and Executive Director Eric Skains in conjunction with Brian Longstreth have asked the board to consider the addition of alternate members with limited voting rights. A revision to the governing documents (bylaws) would be required.
     7.2. Events
          7.2.1. G2H2 19 November
          7.2.2. Red and Green – 5 December
          7.2.3. Pride of the Southeast (POSE) – 14 to 17 April in Ft. Lauderdale.
8. Adjournment

Next Board Meeting is 19 January 2016 at 7p

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