October 2015

Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday 15 September 2015
Metro Community Center
3251 3rd Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33713 

 Board Members:

Present: J. Aller, S. McGrath, M. O’Hara, D. Painter, S. Provenzano, R. Robinson, and S. Solomons

Absent: L. Legretta (excused)

Quorum present: Yes

Others present:

Executive Director: Eric Skains

1. Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Scion Provenzano.

2. September meeting minutes were presented by Secretary, Mark O’Hara. Motion made by Scion Provenzano and seconded by Jay Aller to approve the minutes.

3. Treasurer Stanley Solomons stated we have $68,498.94 in total deposits.

     3.1. The bill for the City of St. Petersburg has been received. After adjustments, St. Pete Pride will owe approximately $38,010.

4. Executive Director

     4.1. Production team will begin to meeting on Thursday 12 November at 7p

5. Committee Reports

     5.1. Executive Committee

          5.1.1. Director of Development – a resume introducing Courtney Bishop and a breakdown of the Director of Development’s benefits was sent out for review by all Board members. Susan McGrath made a motion for the Executive Director to extend an employment offer to Ms. Bishop. Motion seconded by Scion Provenzano. Motion passes.

          5.1.2. Brokerage Account – President Scion Provenzano distributed three investment options through Raymond James Financial. Each option was described in detail. The Board decided to eliminate option one and allow the decision to be made by the Funds Committee (see 5.2 for more information).

     5.2. Other Committees

          5.2.1. Funds Committee Chairman shall be Stanley Solomons. Jay Aller will also serve on this committee.

          5.2.2. Outreach Committee Chairman shall be Mark O’Hara. Donald Painter will serve on this committee.

          5.2.3. For a description of each committee, please see Dropbox. The President and Vice President are defacto members of every committee.

6. Old Business

     6.1. Event Relocation (continued from the Board Workshop) – Motion made by Secretary Mark O’Hara and seconded by President Scion Provenzano to send an official proposal to the City of St. Petersburg to move all events for St. Pete Pride from the Grand Central District to the Downtown Waterfront. Motion passes. The Board recommends the preparation of official communications explaining the various reasons and benefits for this change.

     6.2. Theme for 2016 is “Pride Amplified.” Clarification on the 2017 theme is needed before declared.

7. New Business

     7.1. World Pride 2022!

          7.1.1. Draft due by January, 2016. Bid submitted by 2017.!

     7.2. InterPride 2015!

          7.2.1. St. Pete Pride received rave reviews! Congratulations!!

     7.3. Correspondence!

     7.4. Events!

          7.4.1. Red and Green – 5 December!

          7.4.2. Pride of the Southeast (POSE) – 14 to 17 April in Ft. Lauderdale.! !

8. Adjournment

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