Meeting Date: June 12, 2019
Meeting Location: Clear Labs Offices 2529 Central Ave St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Present Telephonic Absent
D. Chrys Bundy, President
Nathan Bruemmer, Vice President
Stanley Solomons, Treasurer
Richard Brandt, Secretary
J. Aller
Scion Crowder
Laura Legarreta
Susan McGrath
Luke Blankenship, Executive Director (Non-Voting)
Agenda Discussion & Action Follow-Up
Approval of Minutes

Chrys voted to Approve

Stanley Seconded

Treasurer’s Report

308,213.46 (c)

17,275.59 (s)

28,841.85 (RJ)

Executive Director’s Report
  • Parade and Festival maps sent
  • Member Responsibilities:
    • Chrys – TechData and then available as needed
    • Nate – Trans March
    • Stanley – Trailer
    • Laura – HCA
    • Susan – Stonewall
    • Scion – Money runs
    • Jay – Glamstands
    • Richard – VIP/Stage
Upcoming Events
  1. Polk Pride (Saturday, June 15th)
  2. Kick-off Party 7pm-10pm
  3. Stonewall Reception 7pm-9pm
  4. SP2 Concert 7pm-9pm
    1. Transtastic 5:30-8pm Flying Boat
  5. Parade 2pm-11pm parade @ 7pm Transtastic @6:30pm
  6. Street Festival 11am-5pm
Committee Reports


  • Board voted to move forward with Vassy to replace Rita Ora as headliner for Saturday night
New Business
  • New office space
    • Move to Metro when current lease is up