DRAFT February 2019

Meeting Date: February 19, 2019
Meeting Location: Clear Labs Offices 2529 Central Ave St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Present Telephonic Absent
D. Chrys Bundy, President
Stanley Solomons, Treasurer
Richard Brandt, Secretary
J. Aller
Scion Crowder
Laura Legarreta
Luke Blankenship, Executive Director (Non-Voting)
Jody Clark
Susan McGrath
Nathan Bruemmer, Vice President
Agenda Discussion & Action Follow-Up

Reviewed Investment Accounts with Financial Advisor.
Will plan a longer more in depth meeting for Aug or Sept.

Approval of Minutes

Delayed approval of Jan 2019 minutes till Richard updates to redact sensitive information.

Richard – Update minutes.

Executive Director’s Report

Sponsorship update

Proceeding with TV deal tentatively. To confirm go/no go during meeting in March.

Discussed idea of collecting suggested donations at entrances
Provided detailed update on TV deal.

Possibility of Parade route not changing. Final confirmation pending.

Treasurer’s Report

$63,490.23 checking
$17,275.03 savings

Committee Reports

Reviewed candidates and submitted recommendation for hire.

Scion attended workshop and obtained contacts to assist with creating of legally required documents and other items.

Scholarship & Grants

June 21st event
Crossfit St Pete
$20 suggested donations

Committee to meet before March meeting
Requested responsibility breakdown of Headliner with Cox Media

No other Committee updates

Old Business

Grand Marshal Overview
2 Grand Marshal Nominees from each board member by the end of next week

Kick-off Party @ Sirata Beach Resort (Wednesday),
Stonewall Reception (Thursday)
5k (?)

New Business

Pride Night with the Lightning Feb 25

Upcoming Events

Taste of Pride March 2
GCDA Chili Cookoff Feb 23
FTL Pride Feb 24