DRAFT March 2019

Meeting Date: March 19, 2019
Meeting Location: Clear Labs Offices 2529 Central Ave St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Present Telephonic Absent
D. Chrys Bundy, President
Nathan Bruemmer, Vice President
Stanley Solomons, Treasurer
Richard Brandt, Secretary
J. Aller
Scion Crowder
Luke Blankenship, Executive Director (Non-Voting)
Fernando (Associate Executive Director)\r\nBill Obermeier (JMJ Cruise & Travel)
Terri Obermeier (JMJ Cruise & Travel)\r\nClare DeLuca (Sereno Travel)
Laura Legarreta
Susan McGrath
Agenda Discussion & Action Follow-Up
Executive Director’s Report

General update
In great position compared to prior years.
First time doing title sponsorships

Taste of Pride Update
(see image)
Level of  “prestige” of the event. Discussed increasing the price as well as increasing the offerings.
Higher end decor



Bill, Terri, and Clare delivered presentation on possible cruise fundraiser

Treasurer’s Report

$94,861.28 checking

$17,275.16 savings

$112,136.44 total

Committee Reports

Met with consultant to prioritize documentation
Will be preparing proposal for optimal operating standards

Adrianna Sparkle to assist with talent management at South Straub stage
Contract with Cox needs signed for Sat night headliner
100 person meet and greet
charge $150 for VIP (Open Bar, preferred location, meet and greet)
Additional VIP tickets excluding meet and greet?
Request for second headliner on Fri night
Local headliners (3) to be chosen by May
Submitted to Board for final review
Contract agreements
Battle of the Bands to be piloted 2020

Trans Advocacy
Will be reviewing the schedule of events on Pride weekend
Expanding intersectional work and targeted sponsors

Grand Marshalls
Discussed changing number of GMs
Voted to have 3 in total selected by:
1 individual selected by Board
1 individual selected by community
1 business or service org selected by community\u00a0
Simplify nominee list with descriptions (Luke)”,

Luke to submit signed contract to Cox

Luke to complete and send request for Friday night headliner

Old Business

Logistics and funding confirmed
Identified possible sponsor, pending additional research and engagement
Tampa Pride March 30
Table Sign Up here

Extra Meeting Notes: