May 2019

Meeting Date: May 21, 2019
Meeting Location: Clear Labs Offices 2529 Central Ave St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Present Telephonic Absent
D. Chrys Bundy, President
Nathan Bruemmer, Vice President
Stanley Solomons, Treasurer
Richard Brandt, Secretary
J. Aller
Scion Crowder
Laura Legarreta
Susan McGrath
Luke Blankenship, Executive Director (Non-Voting)
a. Jordan (to discuss title partnership)
b. Jason (to discuss title partnership)
c. Russ (Watermark)
d. Chet (self/observe)
Agenda Discussion & Action Follow-Up
Approval of Minutes

Tabled till everyone is able to review

Executive Director’s Report
  1. Sponsor update
  2. Festival at capacity
    1. Proposal to pursue extension of an additional city block for ~$6,500 (will contact board if prices varies)
      1. Chris motioned
      2. Richard seconded

Luke to pursue extending festival an additional block

Treasurer’s Report

Reviewed account balances

Committee Reports
  1. Grants
    1. Scion to complete due diligence on Luke’s proposed org to sponsor a matching grant during sponsor reception
  2. Entertainment
    1. Concert logistics – Meeting 5/24 with Mike Mcgraw and Katie Kerins to plan
    2. Local Artists Lineup
      1. Move line up into run schedule
      2. Notify Nate of call time for Transtastic artist
    3. Trans Advocacy
      1. Sponsor update
      2. Transmarch current registration ~500
      3. Susan to get Luke, Chrys, and Nathan a meeting with the Mayor regarding flying Trans flag

Luke, Chrys, and Nathan to meet with Mayor.

Old Business
  1. Miss St Pete Pride Pageant
    1. Address timing

Luke to congratulate winner on social media

New Business

Moved to post Pride discussion.


Nate motioned

Chrys seconded